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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is your franchise fee and what does it include?
Your $20,000 investment grants you a protected Germinator franchise territory and includes training for 2 people.
How large are your territories:
Territories are a minimum of 300,000 people.
Do you offer master franchises if I want to purchase a large area?
Will you sell franchises outside of the US?
Who would need Germinator Mobile Sanitizing?
The great news is that everyone needs us. On the residential side we, often get calls for mattress sanitizing, furniture sanitizing and whole home sanitizing, especially if someone in the house has allergies, cold, flu or has had recent surgery. We also get calls for odors such as smoke and pet odors. On the commercial side, it often addresses trying to prevent illness from spreading to others such as in schools, dorms, hotels and offices.
What types of businesses would need our services?
The list is long. But, just to name a few would be Schools, universities, hospitals, offices, hotels, heath care facilities, doctor's offices, dentist's offices, pediatricians, health clubs, marinas, car dealerships and of course anyone who want a home that is reduced in allergens and bacteria.
Are the products you use safe?
Yes. In fact, most of our products are organic. But, since we are in the germ elimination business, we always recommend using gloves and a surgical mask when doing a job.
Can't I get sick doing this job?
We wear gloves and masks when doing a job that involves someone being sick. You go to the doctor's office and hospitals where there are a lot of sick people. There are people everywhere with colds, flu or bacterial infections like in malls and restaurants. You don't have the luxury of gloves, a mask and sanitizing equipment in hand when you visit these places like you do on a job.
What type of equipment will I need?
We will provide you with everything you need to run your business which includes all of our sanitizing equipment, chemicals, van graphics, supplies and all of the products you will be selling.
What type of vehicle will I need?
Since vehicle models are constantly changing, tell us what vehicle you are thinking of using for service and we will let you know if it meets our requirements.
What type of training do you require?
We currently require a half-day training program
What type of technical support will you offer?
Both service and product technical support will be available 7 days a week.
What type of marketing support will you offer?
We will help you build the marketing plan for your franchise. It will consist of various components including digital marketing support through our exclusive digital marketing partner, Webfindyou which provides SEO (Search engine optimization), social media development, reputation management, e mail marketing and pay per click advertising management.
How many people do I need to run a franchise?
You can run a franchise with as little as one person. But, as you grow, you will want to add technicians and or sales people to handle your growing business.
How often should customers use our service?
We recommend having us come 2X a year at a minimum to help prevent illness and allergies from acting up.
Can you give me an example of the potential of a what large opportunity would look like?
My favorite is discussing the potential in university dormitories and hotels. Both of which are historically notorious for not being sanitary environments. University dorms house thousands of kids. The mattresses in these dorm rooms are rarely or ever cleaned and sanitized. At the end of each semester, they are usually just stored until the next semester begins.

Kids at school are not necessarily the cleanest and most sanitary. Dust mites, bodily secretions and bacteria are harbored in and on the mattress. This is a cause for illness. A dorm mattress can be sanitized properly within a matter of minutes. Some schools may be willing to pay for this service to reduce the occurrences of students be ill and passing it on to other students and faculty. This is good for their reputation and shows the paying customers (mostly the parents) that they have the students' best interest at heart. On the other hand, I have yet to meet a parent that is spending tens of thousand of dollars to send their child to school that is not willing to pay at least $25 or more per semester to have their child's mattress sanitized and deodorized. A parent's number one priority is the safety of their children. The opportunity to service thousands of mattresses and or dorm rooms multiplied by your service per mattress is an opportunity worth considering. Best of all, this is a reoccurring opportunity.

The average hotel has about 200 rooms. These rooms are cleaned (we hope) after each guest leaves. But, they are not sanitized. We have no idea what was left behind in that room from the prior guest that we cannot see. The hotel that advertises that they take special care to sanitize their rooms and go above and beyond for their guests is likely to be chosen over the hotels in vicinity that do not. Our technology allows a room to stay sanitary for up to 6 months after each treatment. A regular sized hotel room can be treated in as little as 15 minutes at a very affordable rate. The volume of rooms combined with your affordable per room price makes for another impressive reoccurring revenue opportunity.
What is the initial investment for equipment and supplies?
$3,000 - $5,000
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